Why should you be floating at least once a week?

Why should you be floating at least once a week?

That’s a good question, but let’s ask the question another way. Is my mental and physical health important to me? That is effectively what is being asked.

Since I made floating part of my weekly regimen, I have experienced a plethora of benefits both mentally and physically. My day to day life is hectic one. I manage and own multiple businesses. I have a large family with all of the challenges that family life brings and I fit in a punishing exercise regime. All of this used to mean that I had little time, energy or “head space” to switch off and reflect. Floating is concentrated “me” time. Just me, alone, with time to think…or not. Every float session is different, with different experiences.

Physically floating has taken away some of the persistent and annoying aches and pains that I used to feel after years of martial arts and weight training. My lower back in particular was an issue. That is now a thing of the past. That pain has simply gone. My energy levels have also surged due to the high quality rest I get in the float pod.

Another curious benefit from floating has been my ability to meditate. I was never one who was able to totally switch off, centre myself and meditate, but the absence of sound and distractions have allowed me to tap into this previously elusive technique. I am a much calmer and focused person because of it.

Speaking of the mind; I sometimes use the float to problem solve. Thinking problems through. Step by step, again with zero distractions. There’s no loud music, kids banging on the door, or phone ringing to distract you from the problems at hand. Conversely, I use the float just as much to literally switch off, think of nothing and see what ideas and thoughts come to me. I am continually surprised at how much I learn about myself and the world by doing nothing! To top it all off, half of the time I actually fall asleep in the pod and this is quite common with most people who float. I also find that I get a fantastic night’s sleep. Which is another benefit of floatation.

So the question remains; Is your mental and physical health important to you? If so, start floating today.

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