What Is Floating?

What is it?

“The pinnacle of relaxation. Let your stresses, aches and pains float away.”

This is the incredibly relaxing experience of weightlessness, which encourages multiple health benefits in our state-of-the-art pod.

How does it work?

You may also have heard of this experience as “sensory deprivation.” Our pod contains half a ton of Epsom salt dissolved in 12 inches of water. The high levels of salination give both health benefits and allows you to float effortlessly. The ambient temperature of the air and water is the same as that of your skin. The pod is also pitch black and insulated to exclude sound. You may also hear of some tanks referred to as “sensory deprivation”. However, some of our customers prefer ambient lighting and gentle meditative music. All of this can be introduced to enhance your experience. Simply let us know on consultation.

The exclusion of external sensory input allows the body and mind to relax in a much deeper way than you are likely to have ever experienced consciously. This deep relaxation has multiple benefits.

The experience lasts for 60 minutes with a comprehensive consultation prior to your first experience or a refresher consultation for frequent users. There will also be 10 minutes of relaxing music helping you relax; 45 minutes of silence and then 5 minutes of music towards the end of your float. This will signal the ending of your experience.

The experience or treatment is tailored to your specific needs. You therefore have full control of the lighting and music (if required). You can also decide if you want to fully close the pod, leave it slightly open or have it completely open. It is entirely up to you.

The Float Room is completely private and equipped with a shower, and high-quality toiletries supplied by Deborah Alfa Hair & Beauty. You also have full use of the private relaxation room. The relaxation room has a selection of tea’s and bottles water to refresh you after your float. There is also a mirror and hairdryer for your use. Alternatively, you can relax in our waiting area, where we stock additional complimentary drinks.

Why not add one of the special packages supplied by Deborah Alfa Hair & Beauty to make experience even more special.

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