Infra Red Therapy

What is Infra Red Therapy

Stepping into our infrared sauna is like sitting on a beach with the sun on your face. The infrared rays penetrate your skin and absorbs these rays. This increases the temperature of the body and stimulates the cardio, lymphatic, immune and circulatory systems promoting a range of health benefits. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable way to take control of your own health.

The far infrared heat is totally safe. Our heaters emit none of the harmful rays produced by sunlight, just natural healing heat. In fact, this heat is so safe that is it used in hospitals to keep newborns warm.

How does it work?

Infrared light works on a cellular level, penetrating 2 – 7 centimetres deep into the inner layers of the skin. Reaching the muscles, nerves and even the bones.

Infrared light is absorbed by the photoreceptors in cells. Once absorbed, the light energy kickstarts a series of metabolic events, triggering several natural processes of the body.

Infrared light therapy releases nitric oxide which is already in your body tissues. Nitric oxide is a key gas that aids in the relaxation of arteries. This reduces oxidative stress and clotting, thereby regulating blood pressure. Exposure to infra red therapy therefore encourages blood flow to damaged and injured areas of the body.

Our infrared sauna heats up between 45 and 55 degrees. Increasing your metabolic rate, penetrating your fat cells thereby burning anything between 200 and 600 calories during your 30 minute session.

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The Benefits

Improve the appearance of skin and cellulite

Infrared therapy can help to;

  • Increase collagen production.
  • Reduce the signs of wrinkles and acne.
  • Increase elasticity and firmness to your skin.
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Draw your skin’s own natural nutrients to the surface.
  • Speed up wound/scar healing
Reduce stress and fatigue

Regular use of infrared Therapy has been proven to;

  • Help reduce stress
  • Engages the body’s autonomic system which heals and nourishes the body.
  • Relax the mind and body
  • Eases fatigue
  • Helps with SAD syndrome
Ease muscle pain, arthritis, joint pain and stiffness

Infrared therapy can help;

  • Recover quicker from exercise
  • Ease fatigue to muscles and joints
  • Ease muscle pain
  • To reduce inflammation
  • Ease arthritic pain
Improve cardiac health and lower blood pressure

Anything you can do to keep your blood pressure in the healthy range reduces your chance of heart attack and stroke.

Infrared therapy helps;

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Encourages blood flow

You get a more cleansing sweat with infrared therapy.

Infra- red wavelengths;

  • Mobilise toxins and metals stored deep within cells
  • Helps your body release these toxins and metals through your sweat.

Infrared therapy can help you sweat out;

  • Metals such as lead, mercury, nickel, and cadmium
  • Alcohol, nicotine, sulphuric acid, and other organic and inorganic compounds.
Improve the immune system

The deep heating True WaveTM infrared heaters will raise your core body temperature, and helps to;

  • Increase white blood cells
  • Activates the body’s natural mechanism to strengthen and accelerate the immune response.
  • Enhances the immune system.
  • Increases your overall health and resistance to disease.
Increase metabolism, burn calories and lose weight

Taking a sauna kickstarts your heart rate and cardio system, helping to;

  • Increase your metabolism.
  • Burn calories.
  • Reduce cellulite.
  • Loose weight.

The Process

  • Avoid caffeine (caffeine is a stimulant and you will want to relax).
  • Do not shave prior to use (prevents possible irritation).
  • During these COVID sensitive times, we ask that you bring your own towel, however we are hopeful that in the near future, this will not be necessary and we can provide towels.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first appointment to allow time for your consultation.
  • Please wear a swimming costume, shorts or bikini.
  • Link your phone up to blue tooth and play your favourite music or use ours.
  • Get yourself comfortable and relax
  • Drink plenty of water which will be provided.
  • When your time is up the infrared lights will go off.

Get yourself dressed. You can also visit our relaxation room. To enjoy the complimentary refreshments either in the quiet and  solitude of the relaxation room or coffee bar area. Alternatively, you may wish to enhance your experience by booking a massage or hair treatment through Deborah Alfa Hair & Beauty.

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